Email Problems
I cannot receive all my emails
FAQ - Email Problems

If you are on a dial up internet connection you may find that you are unable to receive all your emails or that you keep getting the same few over and over again.  The reason for this is normally that someone has sent you a large file, or number of files, i.e. a video or series of photographs which you are unable to download without losing the connection. 

Missing Emails
FAQ - Email Problems

Recently our customers have noticed that some of their emails appear to be missing or, to put it more accurately, not arriving.  This is obviously a worry for both businesses and individuals alike as any missing email could have large implications.

Emails don't go to all my friends?
FAQ - Email Problems

If you talk to email service providers they will usually tell you that their system is 100% compatible with everyone elses, however many people find that they are unable to send emails to all of their friends and relatives.

For example many people find that they have problems receiving emails from Terra or Telefonica email addresses this is because Terra and Telefonica have been blacklisted by many email providers as being sources of spam. The only simple solution is to setup an alternative email address that is compatible with your friends server, usually one of the larger well know companies will do such as GMAIL, Hotmail or Yahoo.

All three are free services and are online accounts although Gmail can also be setup to work with Outlook, Mail or Outlook Express. The paid Hotmail email address also have this facility.


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